A for Alignment. Strohacker Studio A to Z of Design Tips..

This is the the first in a series of fortnightly blogs giving tips and revealing some of the major concepts in Graphic Design for those eager to gain a greater understanding. Working alphabetically, it is an A to Z after all, this week I’m tasked with talking about Alignment, one of the five key principles of Graphic Design. A Read More

Technology Innovator Awards 2015 Winner.

Strohacker Studio win Best Boutique Design Studio in West Sussex & Most Innovative Branding Specialists in the technology innovator awards 2015 The 2015 Technology Innovator Awards highlight the individuals behind ground-breaking developments in technology, and through our prestigious awards process, we shine the spotlight on c Read More

Outsource your digital marketing for better ROI.

Does your in-house team have the right skills to effectively market your business? Digital marketing is evolving at a rapid pace, with mobile engagement now being higher than ever before, new marketing practices are evolving to cater for external changes in order to reach out to your target audience at the right time. Whether you choose Read More

The importance of graphics in your business marketing.

As we all know, the human brain absorbs and processes more information through graphics and visuals compared with text. In response to this, use of infographics and strong imagery has seen a dramatic increase in both digital and traditional print marketing. As demands from consumers continue to increase and advances in technology and weara Read More

Why your business brand matters.

Many businesses often overlook branding as a vital part of their marketing strategy and the impact it has on their business development. Whether it's a high-res thumbnail image for your social media business account, a striking business logo or effective brand that engages your target market and sets you apart from your competitors, brandin Read More

Why your business needs to be mobile friendly.

Engaging with your customers on their mobiles is now more important than ever before for two reasons: 1) Mobile phones now account for around half of internet search and engagement 2) Google have realised this and are introducing a new algorithm starting on April 21, 2015 stipulating that all sites must be mobile friendly, which w Read More

Interact with your target market in real time for best results.

As more and more customers use their mobiles for interacting with brands, purchasing and online searches, it's now more important than ever to engage with your target markets in real time online. How? Mobile websites and apps are two effective ways to interact, incentivise, reward and engage with target markets while they're most activ Read More

The Stroh App Guide to Marketing Your Business with a Mobile App .

Did you know… 46% of UK consumers use mobile devices as their primary too for purchase decisions 80% of shoppers said their perception of retailers would improve if they offered mobile loyalty 85% of smartphone users are more comfortable with apps than mobile websites (Data Sources: Telemetrics, Key Ring App, Dyn Read More

Is digital marketing and app technology in your business plan?.

Is your business using the latest app technology to promote itself? Does your brand appeal to your target market? Are you reaching your target market with your current marketing strategy? The way we interact with our customers and prospective clients is changing constantly. From a sales and marketing perspective, using cutting edge technolo Read More

The future is app shaped.

New research shows that revenues generated from apps in the UK were up to 30%, with people increasingly using media apps for reading newspapers, watching TV or listening to music. The increased use of apps comes hand in hand with increased use of internet on mobile devices, which is likely to account for 50% of UK ad spend this year. H Read More