Keep your business up to date with the help of the Strohacker Studio

Bill Strohacker - Wednesday, June 25, 2014

This year has seen a dramatic change in the way we market our businesses and engage with customers. Whilst email campaigns continue to generate consistent interest, direct mail has made a significant come back and introduction of new technologies such as wearable computers and eye wear has changed the way we engage and operate. 

The major challenges faced by businesses are their adoption of such technologies in the way they engage with their customers. Those that are unable to adapt to such changes are likely to be left behind and suffer as a result. Keeping up to date need not be taxing. Many businesses are passionate about their core functions but overlook or ignore the outside world they are marketing to as their strengths or passions are not in this field. We make it our business to help businesses like these. By outsourcing digital, design and marketing needs to the Strohacker Studio, you can leave it up to us to ensure your brand and company looks up to date, challenges your competitors and is widely available to your target audience using the correct marketing channels of the moment.

Whether it be a motion graphic outlining your company competencies, direct mailing or email campaigns to engage with existing and win new clients, social media or logo design, we can help you to evolve and diversify your business brand.

With rebrands from just £495, we are an independent Chichester design company offering the quality and service of an national agency at affordable costs. Contact us for a free quotation today on 01243 776623