Interact with your target market in real time for best results

Bill Strohacker - Friday, March 20, 2015

As more and more customers use their mobiles for interacting with brands, purchasing and online searches, it's now more important than ever to engage with your target markets in real time online.


Mobile websites and apps are two effective ways to interact, incentivise, reward and engage with target markets while they're most active. Here's a couple of tips we've got to help you get more from your marketing efforts....

Marketing channels

Which marketing channels are most popular with your target audiences? Which channel is most relevant or appropriate for your business? If a marketing channel isn't relevant or generating a response, don't waste your marketing efforts on it. Focus your efforts on one or two channels that you know your target audience are using and that is relevant to your business.

Have a killer homepage

Does your landing page resonate, educate and appeal to your target site visitor? First impressions count so having a landing page for your mobile site or mobile app that informs and influences is key. It's also a great tool to capture contact information of prospective clients and encourage value-added downloads to get people talking about and interacting with your brand and encourage them to purchase with you.