Lights. Camera. Action: The power of video marketing

Bill Strohacker - Wednesday, April 09, 2014
With YouTube and other digital channels promoting the use of video to engage with consumers on a new level, we've made our own Strohacker Studio video to show our clients what they can achieve by implementing videos as part of their marketing mix:

Recent developments in technologies and shifts in the way we do marketing has seen an increased interest in video marketing.
This relatively new channel of interaction with customers and target markets appears to be a growing trend across a number
of industries with increased use of webinars and short videos to promote products and services and provide a more engaging
form of advertising. YouTube recently offered advice in a ‘Creators Playbook’ offering brand advertisers and marketers a guide
to “create content that is unique, compelling, and entertaining or informative”. Points mentioned included the importance of
content marketing for brand strategies to engage with target audiences and meet brand goals.

The importance of content quality and relevance was also mentioned in order to respond to client demand and build a loyal fan base. Knowing what your market want to see and their key motivators plays a large part in the success of your video campaign.

With over 20 years of experience, we have seen the evolution of marketing channels and how we engage with ever-changing client demands. From the introduction of social media platforms, mobile websites and e-marketing campaigns, we pride ourselves on adopting cutting edge tech practices and implementing them in the way we do business. As a result we now offer advanced video marketing, photography and other marketing channels that enable your business to stay ahead of the curve.