Why killer branding is key

Bill Strohacker - Thursday, November 13, 2014

Having worked in graphic and design for many years, we appreciate the importance of business branding and the way your business is perceived in the marketplace. You have a matter of seconds to impress your prospective clients whether they view your business online, in a printed advert or on a passing vehicle so your business brand or logo needs to be eye catching and relevant to your target market.

Use of specific colours are a great way to attract customers with different colours prompting different responses from your audience, enabling you to stand out from your competitors and create strong brand recognition. More information on different colours and how they can be used effectively can be found on this blog we found earlier.

A killer brand is a key asset to your business, acting as a trigger and recruitment tool for your business. It should be one of the first items on your strategic plan and should effectively your business message and identity. If you have an existing logo that you would like to improve or would like to create a new brand or logo for your business for 2015, contact us for a free quote or pop in for a cuppa and a chat to see how we can help your business be the best it can be for 2015. Here are some of our recent brand projects: