Why your business needs to be mobile friendly

Bill Strohacker - Friday, March 27, 2015

Engaging with your customers on their mobiles is now more important than ever before for two reasons:

1) Mobile phones now account for around half of internet search and engagement

2) Google have realised this and are introducing a new algorithm starting on April 21, 2015 stipulating that all sites must be mobile friendly, which will have a significant effect on marketers.

Updating your website to comply with the new Google algorithm doesn't need to be a hassle and can even create a great opportunity to give your business brand identity and website design a refresh, something we love helping businesses to do!

Is your website in need of updating? Are you getting the responses you'd expect from your site?

Here's some tips we came up with to help you get more from your website and digital marketing:

- Get a mobile app for your business to engage with customers on the go - www.strohapp.com

- Include eye catching visuals in all your marketing

- Make sure your brand stands out from your competition

- Include plenty of calls to action on your homepage

- Understand your target market and schedule your marketing activities when your target audiences are most active/engaged.


If your business could benefit from any of the above services, we'd love to help your business be the best it can be in 2015.

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